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  • adding sIDHistory

    I am trying to add the sidHistory attribute to a Containter/OU query that I am working on but can't seem to find it as an option.

    I am trying to generate a view that will include this in the right-hand pane when I pull it up for all of the objects in a specific OU

    Any ideas on how I would go about adding this in or another way to do it?

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    Re: adding sIDHistory

    To add this, search your computer for a file called ad_schema.dat, and edit it.

    In the area where the 102 objects are, add the following:

    102 SIDHistory sidhistory 200

    Those are tabs between each one.

    Save this file, then start Hyena. Go to File->Manage Object View->Queries. Click on Users(Detailed), and in the lower right window find and click on SIDHistory, then click Add and then OK.

    To run this query, right-click on your All Users object and choose Tabular Views->User(Detailed).

    In the right window you'll now have a column labeled SIDHistory.


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      Re: adding sIDHistory

      Worked great, thanks for the quick help