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Copying SAMAccount names to "Name"

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  • Copying SAMAccount names to "Name"

    Hi there,

    Heres a good one!

    We have 1200+ user accounts. We have a company "Global Shortname" standard for all our user accounts - 8 characters long.

    We want to update all our "DirectoryName" fields with the contents of the "SAMAccount" attribute, on all our IDs.

    We have tried using LDIFDE within a script, also tried ADSI Edit on the same attribute and get the same error for both methods - "Cannot change this attribute as it is owned by the system" - Although Users and Computers and Hyena can change these on a user by user basis.

    Do you know of the way round this? I'm stuffed if I'm going through 1200 user IDs manually!!!

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Colin Scott.

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    Re: Copying SAMAccount names to "Name"

    You might try something like NTSEC from to see if it will help. It is a suite of command line utilities, so you would need to create a batch file with the desired information, and then run the batch file.