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  • Server Report script help

    I need some help generating a report.. Bascially I need it to report on any servers i choose to report to me any error in the event log, report disk space and remaning disk space..
    I know hyena has to ability to report this info..just having a hard time generating it.
    Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Server Report script help

    For disk space you can select your computers in the right window and right-click and choose Drive Space. This will display the information in Hyena's right window so can run a report on it.

    I'm not sure what you mean on the event logs part of your question, but you can display event information for multiple computers using the same method as above.


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      Re: Server Report script help

      We have been trying to do something very similar to this as well, and could use some guidance. I can definatly view the drive space info on screen by manually selecting a group of servers and right clicking, same for events as well.

      However, what I would like is the ability to have Hyena, every morning, e-mail me a report in text format of a specific group of servers (not every server on the domain) with drive space statistics, and any failed services. Is there any way to do this with hyena, or at least auotmate some parts via scripts/macros?


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        Re: Server Report script help

        Hyena won't do this for you as it is designed for real-time management.

        There are other products out there that will do active monitoring and alerting of certain events.

        For disk space, you could use exporter.exe located in your Hyena directory, and create and schedule a batch file that would run daily and execute the exporter utility. This will give you a delimited output file that you can open with Excel or Access for further sorting/reporting.