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Logon to a different domain?

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  • Logon to a different domain?


    im using Hyena 4.7 and would like to access domains of our clients. I enter the necessary information via the object mangager and now i can see the domain. But i cant work with it. I only recieve the message:
    "unable to list computers. the list of servers for this workgroup is currently not aviable".

    If i create a new Server via the object mangager, with the same IP, I can chose "log on" and everything is fine. But how can I "log on" to a complete domain?


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    Re: Logon to a different domain?

    You might try expanding the Domain Controllers object and see if you are able to see those computers. If so, you can do a logon as to the PDC for that domain.

    At this time one option would be as you've mentioned with adding a separate object for the PDC of this domain that you can do a Logon As for.

    Another would be to use the Run As option under Windows 2000 or XP when you run Hyena to have it run with different credentials.


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      Re: Logon to a different domain?

      You can also create an Object Grouping with all computers you want to logon to. Select the Object in the left pane, and then select all of the servers in the right. Right Click and select Logon As. This will log you onto every server selected.