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Changes aren't in effect right away, why?

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  • Changes aren't in effect right away, why?

    Okay, I figure this has something to do with win2k network setup, but not sure.

    I have 2 win2k DC's, call them DC1 and DC2. Right now I have Hyena configured to DC2 and it works fine. You can edit GPO's, view OU's, etc. But when I make a change through Hyena, say disable an account, the change doesn't take effect right away.

    This use to happen, so no idea why it isn't anymore, any suggestions?

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    Re: Changes aren't in effect right away, why?

    Please let us know where the change(s) don't show up at. Windows 2000 will accept a change to any domain controller, and Hyena will always send the request to a specific domain controller. You may have already configured Hyena (through Object Manager) to always write/get data from a specific DC. If you have not done that, and need help, reply back to this message.

    If you don't select a specific DC, Hyena will write it to the 'PDC', which for W2K, will probably be the Operations Master server. This should be the same computer for anyone using Hyena. But if you want to be sure where changes are going, just force in a specific server into the ADSI Server field in the Object Manager configuration.

    After that, W2K will replicate the changes every few minutes to the other controllers. v4.7 will let you initiate a replication, just right click on the domain and select the "Synchronize" option.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.