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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Change Servicepassword

    The method you mention would be the only way in Hyena to do this.

    If you can find a command line utility to set this data you could probably create a batch file that would change these for you, and then just run the batch file.

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  • jkalinowski
    Guest started a topic Change Servicepassword

    Change Servicepassword


    I would like to ask if there is a way in Hyena to have all Services on all selected Systems changed to a new password BUT according to the userid entered for the service. At the moment, i have to select the systems, right click, choose further functions, select start services and then i have to do this for each service, e.g. MSSQL and then it will change the services with the userid and password. I would like to change the passwords for all services which e.g. uses the userid ABC. What do you think? Is there already a way to do this?

    Thanks for help & Greetings