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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Filter and focus results

    The Filtering and Sorting functions only apply to the data in the right window, and I don't believe there would be any way to tie that result back to the listings in the left window.

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this?

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  • ldeboli
    started a topic Filter and focus results

    Filter and focus results

    Greeting to all.
    First of all thanks for Hyena Software, it's amazing!
    My question is:
    I have 2000 computers in my nt domain.
    we relay on computer comment to locate the computers.
    It'd be fine and useful if (for example with an entry on the right click context menu or by double clicking on it) you can synchronize the focus in left pane with the machine you have found with the filtering option.
    Sorry for bad english, i'm Italian.
    Thanks all!