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    We write info into AD during the workstation build process and I'm having trouble pulling all of out using a Hyena query. For instance, we write the username as the ManagedBy attrib under the machine name context. In order to keep from having to write the same info into multiple attribs, can Hyena do a recursive query? In this case to get the ManagedBy value and then get the employeeid based on that value. The only other way I can find to do this is to write to the employeeid attrib in the context of the machine name. Also, in the custom tab, are you planning to have object types in addition to User in future releases? I am currently using Beta 4.7.

    Thanx in advance for your help.

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    Re: Machine queries

    I'm not sure I follow completely, but would it help if you listed the ManagedBy field for Computer queries?

    You can do this by going to File->Manage Object View->Queries. Change the Query Type to Computers, and then click on Computers (Detailed).

    In the lower right, change the Attribute Category to General Directory Object Attributes, then add Managed By and click OK.

    To run this you will right-click on Computers and choose Tabular Views->Computers (Detailed).