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Importing Quick Access

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  • Importing Quick Access

    I have Hyena 4.5 installed on two PC's. The first one has all of my Quick Access functions. I would like to transfer/import those to the other installation as well.

    When using the Import Feature it looks for a Qstation.dat file, but that file is nowhere to be found.

    I've also looked in the registry, nothing.

    How do I transfer my Quick Access from one computer to another.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Importing Quick Access

    Qstation.dat was used in Hyena 2.x and older versions.

    The files you will need to copy are the ad_*.dat files. Search your drive for ad_objects.dat, and when you find it, copy the other .dat files from that directory to the other computer.

    You can also use the Shared Configuration option in Tools->Settings->General. For this you would copy the files to a server, then point this setting on the two computers to that directory.


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      Re: Importing Quick Access

      That worked Great!!! Thanks.