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Copying Printer to a cluster server

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  • Copying Printer to a cluster server

    Right now, I have a basic print server with over 100 print queues.

    I just configured a new cluster server with 2 nodes. I created the ports on my 2 nodes and installed all the drivers.

    When I try copy my queues from my old server , to the virtual server, from my cluster, I get an error message stating that the printer name is invalid. I can copy this queue to another server (that is not a cluster) with no problem.

    Does Hyena support copying printers to clusters, if yes what is the procedure?


    Patrick Jacques
    Network Admin

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    Re: Copying Printer to a cluster server

    Hyena does not look at your cluster server as being any different from any other type of server. Even if we tried to treat it specially, there isn't any way to copy the printers differently anyway. When Hyena copies the printers, it essentially just adds the printer based on the old printer information. I would first try to create a printer manually on the cluster server, then see if you can create it remotely with Hyena, then see if you can copy one printer that is non-shared. Perhaps by doing it step-by-step we may learn where the problem is.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.