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    I would like to add domain, but I cant see it, if I click on Find all domains under Add domian.
    I am for example in domain PAPER and i would like to add existing domain GLASS. I can connect to GLASS domain controller via RDP, I am there domain admin. But I cannt add GLASS in Hyena.
    Can i solve it by Logon as option under Workstation from which i am connected to hyena?
    The dirty solution could be to move my computer to GLASS domain and when i do what I need move my computer back to PAPER domain.

    Thanks for advice

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    You can add any domain manually by going into Object Manager (first button on the ribbon). You will need to enter the LDAP path of the domain, ie LDAP://GLASS or LDAP://GLASS.LOCAL for example. If the 'Find' options do not show the domain, then I assume this domain is not part of your forest or is not a trusted domain. So your next challenge might be authentication, but that is how you can add it to the GUI.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.