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    When I try to view all details from a particular server my PC "hangs"..I go to the task manager and it states that the application Hyena is not responding...I can view individual account details fine...just nmot in mass...any solutions/Ideas....additionally...can I modify the fields that are contained within View All Details...thankyou again

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    Re: Viewing All User Details

    When running this request it can take some time for the information to return, especially in a large environment. The Task Manager is not very reliable in this respect because any application that is too busy to respond to it is automatically tagged as not responding.

    I'd suggest letting Hyena run for a longer time and it should come back with the results.

    You can modify the information for User Details under Tools->Settings->Display. Change the Display Mode to User Details and you will be able to add, remove, and rearrange fields.