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    With Dameware, it is possible to kill a remote process - is this possible with Hyena? I am a registered user of Hyena, but do need that particular functionality of Dameware... any suggestions?

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    Re: Kill process...

    Microsoft left out any method of remotely killing processes. OK, you ask: so how does so on and so on do it ? You have to install a service. Services are a security problem but this is the only way to accomplish this function. We like the method of using the pskill utility from This utility is free, easy to integrate with Hyena, and it installs itself, kills the service, then removes itself all in a few seconds. That way, there isn't anything left behind to cause problems.

    Look in Hyena's help file under Using Hyena - Objects ->Processes. Then, follow this link to get pskill:

    Download pskill and follow the directions in the help file to configure a custom tool to kill a process.

    If you are using the beta, this won't work as we have completely rewritten the process view to have more features and inadvertently eliminated the popup menu. We will fix this in the next beta release in a couple of days.

    Let me know if you have any questions about this procedure...its a common request and a favorite thing for users to add to Hyena's flexible design.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Kill process...

      I must be going blind.. :-P

      Could you point out another way to find this info in the help file.. I'm looking at "Using hyena - Objects" but I cant see a "processes"... and I have two seperate requirements to kill a process on every machine across my site..

      Found it.. its under "Object manager - Performance" now :-)

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        Re: Kill process...

        This is how I created the custom tool:

        PSKILL \\%S% %C2%

        You must use %S% and not %E% because you'll be highlighting the process and not the server. %C2% designates column 2 of the process list.