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  • unique password remote changes

    Let's say I have 300 servers and each with unique admin names and passwords. I've been told to change these every 90 days but realize it can take forever since Hyena only allows you to specify one password to all machines. Could I generate a macro with the cusrmgr (2k reskit) and specify on each line the unique name of the admin account and the password I want to change? I wish Hyena could generate random passwords to change server accounts remote. I would love it if someone could prove me wrong on that. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: unique password remote changes

    You would probably need a script for this. One thing that Hyena can do for you as far as random password generation goes, would be to enter the computer name as part of the password.

    For example, let's say you wanted to change the Administrator password for 3 computers named: computer1, computer2, computer3.

    In Hyena you select these 3 computers and go to More Functions->Set Account Password.

    Enter in administrator for the account, and in the password field enter:


    This would create the following passwords:


    You can put whatever characters after the %e%, and you can even use %E% to put the computer name in all caps: COMPUTER1.


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      Re: unique password remote changes

      I would like to use the computername password, but our machine names can get a little long. Is there a way just to parse like the first 6 characters and then add the addition string?
      I.E. Machine name = computer1, New password = computabc


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        Re: unique password remote changes

        The solution above would be your only option in Hyena.