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No more rescan, please....

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  • No more rescan, please....

    ok, lets say I double click "computers" so it comes up in my right pane, I want to view services for a particular pc, that comes up in the right pane...well, then I want to see something for another pc, well Hyena has to rescan (or I can use the "cache" feature), which is slow...any other way to just immediately go back to my list of pc's? It's a LONG list and takes mucho time to rescan...
    thx anyone

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    Re: No more rescan, please....

    We are planning to add a feature (try to add this feature...) to allow for multiple pages of information in the right window. This will solve your problem. In the meantime, you can get around it partially by expanding the computers in the left window instead, then managing your services for one computer. This way, the list is kept around (in the left window).
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.