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Computer Remote Shutdowns

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  • Computer Remote Shutdowns

    How do I shutdown more than one workstation/server at a time?

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    Re: Computer Remote Shutdowns

    Display your computers in the right window, which you can do by double-clicking on the Computers object, then select the computers in the right window that you want to shutdown, right-click over one of the selected computers and choose Shutdown.


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      Re: Computer Remote Shutdowns

      The remote shutdown works, but how does one enable powerdown for a remote shutdown. I have run remote shutdown against machines which will normally power down on running shutdown, but when I use the remote shutdown, I get the screen on the machine stating that it is safe to power down (sorry should have stated that we are running W2K).


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        Re: Computer Remote Shutdowns

        Microsoft does not support (at least does not produce a documented interface/API) remotely powering down a computer.

        Sorry about this limitation.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.


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          Re: Computer Remote Shutdowns

          I've got exactly the same problem as user marketcu (I've also running win2k),
          does anyboy have a solution for this problem (maybe some other tool, i can run in combination with hyena ).
          Because it takes a lot of time to turn off all the computers by hand.
          Thanks in Advance!


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            Re: Computer Remote Shutdowns

            Hi there!

            I've got exactly the same problem - until I've written a vbscript. As Scripting Host and WMI is part of Win2k, it should work on your machines too.
            Forgive me my bad english ;-)

            Here's the script (you need to copy the following lines in a new file and name it whatever.vbs):

            '================================================= =========================
            ' NAME: RemoteShutdown
            ' AUTHOR: Dietmar Schlereth
            ' DATE : 11.03.2002
            ' COMMENT: remote power off machines
            '================================================= =========================

            Const logoff = 0
            Const shutdown = 1
            Const restart = 2
            Const forced = 4
            Const turnoff = 8
            Const kill = 16 ' (only Windows 2000)

            computername = InputBox("What machine do you want to power off?",,"MachineName")
            If RemoteShutdown(computername, turnoff + forced) Then
            MsgBox "Machine powered off sucessfully!"
            MsgBox "There was a problem"
            End If

            Function RemoteShutdown(computername, modus)
            Set instances = GetObject("winmgmts:\" & computername).InstancesOf("win32_operatingsystem")
            For each instance in instances
            On Error Resume Next
            resultat = -1
            resultat = instance.Win32Shutdown(modus,0)
            On Error Goto 0
            ' true, if everything was OK
            RemoteShutdown = (resultat = 0)
            exit for
            End Function