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    I log on as a normal user, and use runas to start hyena. I have the problem (not a bug from Hyena) that I can't right click a share and run explorer. I require Explorer.exe as the shell for windows (2000 SP2). Is there a way to modify Hyena, that a click on Explore open an alternate shell, such as Win Commander?

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    Re: Alternate Shell

    Explorer does not understand RunAs, as we have noticed that other users have also reported this problem. If you have rights or an account on the remote computer, you could try right clicking on the computer, and selecting Logon As, then supply a username/password on that computer. Hyena is hard-wired to use Explorer, at least to access the context menus.

    But, if you want to open a separate window and use another program to manage a particular directory or share, you should be able to create a custom tool. See the Custom Tools section in this discussion board for some samples and from there you might get some ideas on how to integrate WinCommander. If you do, let us know.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Alternate Shell


      Thanks for the speedy reply!

      Explorer is started as the users shell. Other explorer windows are only spawned proceses of the original process. Therefore it's not possible to use runas .. explorer.exe. It is however possible to runas .. iexplore.exe.

      Anyway, I interpert your answer as a "no, it's not possible to change the default behaviour of Hyena to use something other than Explorer.exe in the context menu."

      I use a lot of user defined tools, however I was hoping that there was another way to do it.

      Thanks again.