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Process & How much Memory each uses

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  • Process & How much Memory each uses

    I need to look at the processes running on a few computers on our Network & determine how much Physcial Memory each is using.

    I thought I found this by double clicking on the 'Processes' selection once I expaned a computer name with in Hyena. This shows all the processes currently running on that system. Has the headers of 'VMem Peak' / 'VMem' (which I'm assuming is for Virutal Memory usage) - I thought that the 'Mem Peak' / 'Mem' was for the actual Physical Memory in the system, BUT I have a system that only has 128 MB of RAM in it but it shows it peaks @ 273 MB?

    Am I reading this incorrectly? And if so, which will show me what I need to know?


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    Re: Process & How much Memory each uses

    Unfortunately, we really don't know. We request the process counters below from the process function, and Windows does the rest. I don't know of any documentation on what these mean, but they should roughly be the same as what is reported by Task Manager

    Sorry that I can't be of more help.

    % Processor Time
    % User Time
    % Privileged Time
    Virtual Bytes Peak
    Virtual Bytes
    Page Faults/sec
    Working Set Peak
    Working Set
    Page File Bytes Peak
    Page File Bytes
    Private Bytes
    Thread Count
    Priority Base
    Elapsed Time
    ID Process
    Pool Paged Bytes
    Pool Nonpaged Bytes
    Handle Count
    Creating Process ID
    IO Read Operations/sec
    IO Write Operations/sec
    IO Data Operations/sec
    IO Other Operations/sec
    IO Read Bytes/sec
    IO Write Bytes/sec
    IO Data Bytes/sec
    Other Bytes/sec
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Process & How much Memory each uses

      I think if I could just get a list of what the headers mean - that would help out alot.


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        Re: Process & How much Memory each uses

        The headers that you see (except for the first two which are self-explanatory) are in the same order as the process counters from the list in the previous posting. It also might be possible to get a description from PerfMon or the Performance Monitoring MMC snapin which uses the same performance counters. I also found a nice looking table of the performance counters in the Task Manager help file, but when I try to view it I get "Topic not found". Perhaps your system as a better help file.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.