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Export list of open files & usernames

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  • Export list of open files & usernames

    I would like to run a batch file that checks each server and exports a list of open files and who has the file open.

    I can get this from the Hyena GUI by selecting the server and then selecting the "OpenFiles" object, but I would like to automate this.

    Is this possible with the Hyena Exporter? I have looked at the docs and it doesn't look like it can be done.

    Thanks, MJ

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    Re: Export list of open files & usernames

    This can't be done with Exporter, unfortunately. In Hyena, you would have to get the open file list for each server. Control-A, then Control-C can be used to copy the information to a text file and appending the output to the same file would get you this list.

    Another way would be to create a batch file using the "Net File" command on each server, and run this batch file at a specified time, appending the output to a central file.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.