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List Network Printers on workstations

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  • List Network Printers on workstations

    Is there an easy way to list network printers for each PC ?? We want to set up our login scripts to assign printers via groups. To make this as painless as possible we want to list existing printers. I noticed on the machine that I have installed Hyena on (4.10), it lists networked printers. That is what I would like for all pc's in the domain.

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    Re: List Network Printers on workstations

    Unfortunately, no, Hyena can't do this. This information can't be easily determined remotely. The only way to do it would be to access the remote computer's registry, but this might be hard as I think it would mean going into HKEY_USERS. A better approach might be to write a Kixtart script to do this in a logon script when a user logs in (ie append the right registry information to a file with username and their current printers). After about a week, you would have most users running this script and supplying the data, then you would have a database to go off of.

    Or, a general purpose inventory program might do this too.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.