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Re-Run configuration only on failed workstations?

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  • Re-Run configuration only on failed workstations?

    I'm impressed with the logging functions in the lastes release of Hyena. What I would like to do is be able to do is parse the log for only workstations that failed a task, attempt to correct the condition that caused them to fail, and then re-run the task against only those workstations. That way I can minimize the number of times I touch workstations that worked correctly and will help be keep track of workstations that still need to be modified.

    Is there a way in Hyena to import a parsed list of workstations rather than relaying on selecting the workstations from the tree?

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    Re: Re-Run configuration only on failed workstations?

    One thing that you might try for this is to rename your input file to QSTATION.DAT, with one line per computer.

    Then go into Object Manager under File->Manage Object View and click the New button. Change the Type drop-down to Object Grouping and give it a name of TempComputers, then click Add.

    Click the Import Quick Access file button and find the file that you created. This will import the computers from that file. Select the newly added computers in the list above and click the Right button. This should physically indent them beneath the TempComputers object you created. Click OK, and you now have a TempComputers object with these computers in it.

    Make the changes you want to these computers, and when you are finished you can just go back into Object Manager and delete the computers and the Object Grouping.

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