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  • Manage Object View - Directory Path

    A nice feature that has been added is to add the directory path function in "Manage Object View".

    Two things - How can I get it set up so that there is a directory path that uses a variable to automatically open the home directory of the user currently using Hyena? We do use shared files so typing in the exact path is not really an option.

    Lastly - Any way to get a hortcut to automatically pint to an executable and start a particular program such as Access, etc?

    Thank You.

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    Re: Manage Object View - Directory Path

    You wouldn't be able to do this with a variable through Object Manager, but there are a couple of options that could be used:

    1. If the users' home drive is mapped when they login, they can expand the Local Workstation object and expand Drives. This will show physical and mapped drives. For example if the H: drive is mapped to their home directory, they can just double-click on the H: drive.

    2. Hyena allows you to add additional information to be viewed when you click the Plus sign in the left window. For this you can go into Object Manager and click the Queries tab, then change the Query Type to Active Directory User. Click the query that has Tree (left) as the Default Window. Down below in the Schema Attributes window find and click on the Home Directory attribute and then click Add, then OK. Find your user account in the left window and click the plus sign beside it, then right-click on the Home Directory information and choose Explore.

    I know this sounds complicated, but once you add the attribute all you have to do is expand your user account and right-click on Home Directory and choose Explore.

    For your other question there is no way to execute a program from a link, but you can create a directory path to the directory containing the file or program you want to run and then just double-click the directory object and double-click the program you want to run.