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Managing non trusted domains

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  • Managing non trusted domains

    I currently manage a windows NT Master domain model. We have recently added a new Active Directory domain and would like to manage it at the same time as my current NT 4 domains. However, we cannot create a trust between the two environnements yet and I currently logon to the Windows NT master domain. I resolved all names resolution problems and thus can see the AD domain. Thus I can click on the domain and the servers and see the servers. But I cannot access the domain controllers or OU's as my NT 4 logged in account is invalid for this domain. Is there a way to connect to this domain with my AD credentials(i.e. something like a runas). I am stumped thus far.

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    Re: Managing non trusted domains

    Try right-clicking on a controller and choose Logon As. Enter the appropriate user information and see if that allows you to manage it.