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  • Another bit of info needed

    I am in the process of changing our entire DNS/WINS/DHCP environment to reduce the number of servers used etc. As a result numerous IP's will no longer be valid for DNS or WINS lookups.

    In our environment there are numerous workstations (NT4, NT2000, Win95, Win98) that were at some point configured manually instead of with DHCP.

    Is there any way to use the computer lists in Hyena to find out which computers are or are not using DHCP? From there I can get those computers changed before changing the DHCP server and possibly causing all kinds of problems?


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    Re: Another bit of info needed

    Hyena doesn't have this functionality built-in, but one of our customers found a way to get this information using Hyena's Generate Macro function and a free utility called psexec.exe from

    After you download the file from their website, you will open Hyena and do the following:

    Select all of your computers in the right window, then go to Tools->Generate Macro. In the Macro Command String box type in:

    c:\psexec \\%E% ipconfig /all >>c:\data.txt

    and then type in an output filename of c:\ipinfo.bat, then click OK.

    What you should end up with is a file called c:\ipinfo.bat with an entry for each selected computer. You can then just run that batch file from the command prompt and when it is finished you should have a file called c:\data.txt that will contain the info you need.

    Let us know if this works for you.