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Rename Default Admin Shares?

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  • Rename Default Admin Shares?

    Greetings. Is there any way to script the ability to either:

    1. Rename the default Administrative shares (e.g. C$, Admin$, etc...) that Windows 2000 creates to something other than the default names? OR

    2. Create NEW shares with the same permission (i.e. only admins can access them)? Note that I can script deleting the current share (e.g. C$) and recreating a new share with the "Net Share" command, however, there doesn't seem to be a way to create this as an "Administrative Share" like the default (i.e. if I want to replace the "C$" share with a "My_C$" share I would have to ACL my entire drive as "Admin" only.

    Anyone have any ideas?