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  • Specific Service Status

    I have a list of 165 Servers that all contain the same service for backup software. Iwould like to print out a report that will list the status of that service and only that service for all the servers in the list - i.e. Automatic, manual, system account or specific and current status of running or stopped.

    Is there any macro etc that I can create to do this?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Specific Service Status

    You can use the Export Services function under File->Export->Services. You will enter the service name within [] in the box at the bottom.

    Your output file will only have those computers running that service, and all of the details of that service for each computer.

    If you only want to see this information for your 165 computers, you can use the command line version of the Exporter.exe in a batch file. It is located in your Hyena directory and your batch file would look like:

    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computera
    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computerb
    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computerc

    The export.ini will be configured when you set your options in Hyena's File->Export->Services. Make sure you also check the Append Output Files check box on the General tab so your output will be in one file. Also make sure you uncheck the top check box on each of the other tabs so that only the Services export will run.

    You can then just run the batch file and it will export the service information for your 165 servers.


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      Re: Specific Service Status

      Thanks for the info - It helps to a point - With the parameters that you gave ...
      exporter .\export.ini domain server I have one issue and that is with the domain parameter. We have multiple domains and this makes it very hard to run. Is there any way to have that parameter excluded or automatically added?

      Thank You.


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        Re: Specific Service Status

        When you specify a computer parameter at the end, the domain parameter is not used except in your output file. So, if you don't mind seeing the incorrect domain in your output file, this will cause no other problems.

        If it is needed, you might be able to create a different batch file for each domain. Just put the computers specific to a particular domain in each batch file. Setting the Append=1 will put the output into the same file if that is what you want.


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          Re: Specific Service Status

          echo [ %C1% ] >> "services.log"
          exporter.exe .\services_export.ini VHA09 %C1%

          After selecting one or more computers in the list window and generating a macro using the above two lines I am left with a list containing the computer name on line 1 and the service information on line 2 if the service exists. If the service doesn't exist line 2 is missing. So, I can manually scan the report for missing 2nd lines and identify those computers which aren't, in my case running the ePO antivirus agent.

          I'd much rather line 2 contained some sort of error flag that would make the report more legible. Are there any error codes returned from exporter.exe that I could code for in the macro? ...or, better yet: Do you have any idea that I could use that would generate a report containing only those computers that did not have the either service defined or stopped?


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            Re: Specific Service Status

            Unfortunately there is no error to key off of, and Exporter will only make an entry if the specified service exists.

            The only thought might be to do away with your first line (echo statement) and take the output file from Exporter and try to do a difference between a file with all computers, and the Exporter output file.