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  • Access Denied

    Hello! I get "Unable to retrieve objects on \\server. Access is Denied" message when I try to do anything, like looking at the shares on any server in my domain.

    Hyena sees the domain and lists the servers, although not all of them. I have a laptop (W2K Prof) and I'm logging into a different domain on it. To clarify, I'm logging into domain ABC, but I'm accessing shares in domain XYZ and this is the domain I'd like to look at all the servers at.

    I looked at some solutions in your forums I'd like to say this, I do have a LMHOSTS file with PDC and BDC listed. And I do use NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

    What is the username that NT allows Hyena to access the information, such as shares? Can anyone help?

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    Re: Access Denied

    Actually, NT does the security verification, and it does it based on the account you are logged in as currently on your computer.

    The easiest solution to this is to create a duplicate account for yourself in the remote domain. Give it the same username and password as the account you are logged in with currently. NT will then be able to match this account and give you the appropriate permissions to access resources and see information.

    The other option, if you know an administrative account and username in the remote domain, is to right-click on the computer and choose Logon As. Enter in the username and password from the remote domain, and Hyena will create a connection to that computer which will allow to you access it.


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      Re: Access Denied

      Excellent. I tried the second of your suggested options and I can connect to the servers and see the shares. Very nice.

      Now how do I get to list the missing servers on the domain? Would the first option you suggested work in this case? Is there a way for me to add a server that's on the domain to a listing in Hyena?


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        Re: Access Denied

        Actually, this is caused by the servers not appearing on the NT browse list. This can be due to either network issues or if you have used the 'hide from browse list' function.

        You can manually add the computers but you will have to create your own object grouping. You can do this in Object Manager. The Servers and Domain Controllers list is built internally by Hyena and can't be added to manually.