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Export user info from multiple domains

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  • Export user info from multiple domains

    I have to delete users from multiple domains (7) and I think the best way to do this is export them into to an Access database, then do a find on the Users names to be deleted in an effort to determine what domains they are listed. Can someone help walk me through setting this up? Is there a more efficient way for me to do what I am proposing?

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    Re: Export user info from multiple domains

    The easiest way to do this might be to use the Export Users function under File->Export. On the General tab you can select the domain that you want to export the users from, and just run a pass for each domain.

    Make sure you check the box to Append output files to existing files.

    When this process is complete you will have a delimited text file that you can open with Excel and just sort on the username column. This will allow you to quickly see which domains a particular user belongs to.