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List of computers in domain (last access date)

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  • List of computers in domain (last access date)

    If I have 1000 computers that are part of my domain list (In Server Manager for instance) but I *KNOW* we only have 400 computers in our network, that means there's 600 machine accounts that can be deleted and are no longer needed

    How can I get a list of the machines that have NOT been used or had their NT domain SID updated? I KNOW Hyena can do this. A long time ago I got this information from the program, but I can't remember how to view the last time the workstation updated its SID with the domain.

    Please help

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    Re: List of computers in domain (last access date)

    Computers will periodically change the password used in communicating with the PDC of the domain.

    Your computer accounts are listed under the Domain Users group as computer$. You have to expand the Global Groups option, then the Domain Users object under there shows you these accounts. Right-click on it, then choose View All User Details. This will display all users and computer accounts along with all of their properties, including Password Age in the right window.

    You can filter this list to only show you computer accounts after they are displayed in the right window. Go to Edit->Find/Filter, type in $ for the search string, and for column choose UserName. Check the box to Filter out records that DO NOT match the search string and click OK.

    This will leave you with only the computer accounts and you can sort by password age by clicking on the field header for password age. Password age is relevant because computers will change their password with the domain periodically, I believe the default might be around 7-10 days (Windows 2000 might be longer).