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Creating Config.ini

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  • Creating Config.ini

    I want to backup the various settings that we have in Hyena for when we (almost inevitably) have to rebuild one of our machines.
    I have dumped my HKCU + HKLM "Hyena" settings to centrally stored *.reg files.
    I also want to create the config.ini (shared settings file) but I have two questions.

    1. Would the *.reg files affect the same / different settings

    2. Can I take my current setup and generate a config.ini from that? The only option seems to be to take the default file and configure it with the settings that you want.

    Andrew Whitton

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    Re: Creating Config.ini

    The config.ini settings will override the settings in the registry, but you will still need the registry settings for Home Directory Templates and some other items that may not be in the config.ini.

    There isn't any way to automatically create a config.ini file from the current settings at this time, but we are planning to add this feature in a future release.