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Date variables within Exporter

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  • Date variables within Exporter

    Is there such as thing as Date Variables within the Exporter function ? If not then could this be a future feature request. Let me explain what I mean....

    I have configured a number of reports to dump information regards servers shares and groups to a file. I identify the files to create within an *.ini file

    (ExportGroupFile="h:\contingency\skipton server status\servergroups.xls")

    Afterwards, I then copy these to a subfolder based on date, "h:\contingency\skipton server status\310501\servergroups.xls).

    What would be really great would be if you could identify some variables that could be used in the *.ini file for when creating these files / folders.


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    Re: Date variables within Exporter

    Exporter doesn't offer anything like this, and there doesn't seem to be a way for us to add it.

    One idea that you might try is to use a program prior to running Exporter that would create your ini files for you. Kixtart should do this for you quite easily. You would have it create the ini file and put in your date variable on the output file lines, and then have it run Exporter using that ini file.