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Copying printers - "The printer driver is unknown"

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  • Copying printers - "The printer driver is unknown"

    When attempting to copy printers from one server to another, I get an error message, "Unable to add printer \\server1\printer1 to \\server2. The printer driver is unknown." I'm using Hyena 3.0, and both servers are NT4 SP6.

    I've tried just copying a single printer, and unchecked all options. Any ideas?

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    Re: Copying printers - "The printer driver is unknown"

    Hyena can't copy the printer drivers for you, so they will need to be installed on the target server before performing the copy.

    If you have several printers that use the same driver you can manually install the first printer, then use Hyena to copy all of the rest.


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      Re: Copying printers - "The printer driver is unknown"

      Go to start > run > and type services.msc
      in the services window look for the option "CA Pest Patrol" and "AOL Firewall or Antivirus" just disable them and stop them as well.
      Now Go to start > run > and type msconfig and click ok.
      under services tab next Enable all and Disable all you will see a check box for "Hide all microsoft services". Check this option and now remove the check from all the options in the list. Click on apply.
      Now click on the startup tab on right of services tab and click on "Disable All" > Apply > Close.
      Restart the computer.
      Once the computer will come on, there will be a message for "Systmem configuration utility" here check the option says "don not show this message again" and click on ok.
      Try to install the printer driver as you normally do.
      try to print there shall be no problem at all.
      Start > Run > msconfig
      under general tab click on the option "Normal startup" > apply > Close
      Restart the computer and everything shall be fine