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Problems with stand-alone servers with Hyena 3.0

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  • Problems with stand-alone servers with Hyena 3.0

    Since upgrading to Hyena 3.0 I can no longer manage my stand-alone servers without an annoying message each time I try to access a list. I previously used "Quick Access" to store logins and passwords for these systems and could admin them normally, but now when I try to modify a local group on a stand-alone system (configured as a server in the object manager) I get a long delay followed by a "Cannot contact the domain 'servername'..." message for each entry in the list. Is there something I'm missing, or is this a bug? It is really causing problems with managing the stand-alone systems - the whole reason we use Hyena!

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    Re: Problems with stand-alone servers with Hyena 3.0

    I will see if I can duplicate this problem. If you can, please send a copy of the ad_objects.dat file to [email protected]. I'll see if I can see any configuration problems in it. Also, can you please confirm the exact error message that you are getting and what action brings up the error message ?

    Thanks; I will get this fixed and thanks for reporting this problem !
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Problems with stand-alone servers with Hyena 3.0

      I think I see the problem. Please let me know if Hyena behaved this way
      when you were using v2.x, or did this problem suddenly appear when you
      changed to v3.0 ? If possible, I'd like to see the QSTATION.DAT file that
      you should have from the previous versions (that is the Quick Access file).

      What might be happening here is that you have used a "dotted" internet name
      for your server names, instead of their NetBios names. For example, you
      have "" for a server name, when perhaps the plain
      NetBios name is just "xxx". This probably won't cause problems in some
      areas, but here is where it might be causing problems:

      - When Hyena gets the list of local groups from a computer (server,
      workstation, domain), NT/2000 automatically formats the group names like
      this: "something\groupname" or "something\username". Its quite frustrating
      that we don't know what the "something" is, which could be a domain or
      computername. So, we try to see if the "something" matches the name of the
      computer whose groups you are looking at, and if it does, we know that its
      NOT the name of a domain. If its the name of a domain, we have to figure
      out the name of a domain controller for the domain, then ask that controller
      what is the full name of the user/group in question.

      I suspect that what is happening is the NT/2000 is telling us that the
      user/group name is "xxx\name", and this name does not match the that you used for the server name, so Hyena then thinks
      that its the name of a domain, and tries to lookup a domain controller for, which is course fails.

      So, see if you can modify the Path for one of these servers in Object
      Manager to be just the NetBios name. If that works, you can put the full
      internet/Active Directory path in the comment field. Unfortunately, I don't
      know of another workaround just yet on this.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.


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        Re: Problems with stand-alone servers with Hyena 3.0

        <copied from email reply from user>


        you got it in one. I was previously using NetBIOS names via an LMHOSTS file
        to find the servers. I switched back to that method, and made the
        servernames just the NetBIOS names and Hyena has no problems with it.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.