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Using Hyena on 2 different PCs

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  • Using Hyena on 2 different PCs

    There are 2 people that use Hyena here. What is the easist way to make sure both users are using the same settings?

    The "Shared Settings File Location" option seems like a pain. This file needs to be manually changed in a text editor for all changes taking place? Am I missing something here?

    Can't I just copy some "settings" type file from PC #1 to PC #2? If so, which file?

    Looking for a quick solution with minimal hassle.

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    Re: Using Hyena on 2 different PCs

    Shared settings file is really the best option for this. Our next beta version will have the ability to save the settings from the Tools->Settings dialog. When you make the desired changes you will then be able to save those changes to the settings file to keep you from having to manually edit the file.

    This information is all stored in the registry as well under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adkins Resource\Hyena

    If you have the time to experiment you could use something like Kixtart to extract this key to a centrally located file, and then have Kixtart import it when you login. In theory these settings shouldn't change that often so you might be able to use a method like this to keep them consistent.