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generate a ";"-seperated list of usernames

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  • generate a ";"-seperated list of usernames

    Hi !

    I'm looking for a comfortable way to transfer the names of marked users (seperated by ";" to a string).
    The main intention is to use that string in the "to"-field of my email-client.


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    Re: generate a ";"-seperated list of usernames

    You should be able to use the Generate Macro function of Hyena to do this.

    Display your users in the right window, then select the users you want and go to Tools->Generate Macro. In the Macro Command String box type in %C1%;

    Type in an output filename and click OK. We're not sure if the carriage returns and the semi-colon will cause a problem for your email client or not. If so, you might try creating it with just %C1% instead of the semi-colon.

    This will create the output file with one address per line. Most email clients should allow you to paste that in with no problem.


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      Re: generate a ";"-seperated list of usernames


      that's the way I did it. I hoped for something more comfortable, as this method requires the invocation of an editor and an additional "cut".
      Right now I replace the newlines with semicola during that step.

      In our environment most NT-username are identical (or at least similiar enough for automatic address-completion in OL98).
      I hoped to mark up some users (group-members) and use them as adhoc-distribution-lists.

      I gave clip (NTResKit) a try but that didn't work out.

      It would be nice if macros could be stored and even nicer if you could do some pre or post-processing (like [1] exec clean.cmd [2]the macro-generator as it is [3] exec post.cmd).

      Then I could apply some NTBATCH, PERL or AWK to the generated file and everything will be fine ....


      P.S.: Thanks for that immediate reply