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    of all the users that have dial up access?

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    Re: Print a report...

    In Hyena you can right-click on the Domain Users object and choose View All User Details. This will display all users and their properties in the right window.

    In the right window scroll over to the right until you find the Dialup column. If dialup access has been given to a user you will see a Yes in that column for that user. Click the column header for Dialup and it will sort the users by that column. Click it again and all of the Yes's will be displayed first so you can quickly see which ones have this enabled.

    From there you can select these users and either copy them to the clipboard, or to a delimited text file, or print them directly using the Print icon on the toolbar.

    If you want to use Hyena's builtin User Details report, you can filter these records by going to the Edit->Find/Filter menu option. Once there type in Yes in the Search String box, then change the Column to search to Dialup, check to first checkbox to Filter out records that DO NOT match the search string and click OK.

    This will display only the users that have Yes in the Dialup field. You can then do a Tools->Run Report to send it to the Access database.