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  • Win 9x info

    Is there a way to get some information about Windows 95/98 workstations?

    I can see the computers, but thats it. I would like to grap some info statistics about running processes, disk space, shares etc.

    Is there a way to set that up?

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    Re: Win 9x info

    Hyena is primarily designed to administer Windows NT computers. There are a few things that can be done to Windows 95/98 machines.

    You can view disk space information, but you will first need to create a share for each drive on each computer. Hyena accesses drive space information by connecting to the C$, D$, etc. So, if you create a C$ on a Windows 95/98 computer Hyena will be able to get the drive space information.

    You should also be able to use the Send Message function as long as you have WinPopup running on the 95/98 computer.


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      Re: Win 9x info

      Thanks, that gives at least some possible info.

      So is there not a possible trick in grabbing some info about running applications or processes? By implementing an extra tool or something?


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        Re: Win 9x info

        Unfortunately, I can't find anything to remotely list processes or anything for Windows 9x. I looked at You might try searching at either or for something. I am unclear if Windows 95 provides any support for listing processes remotely like NT does.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.