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Hyena and Firewall Checkpoint 4.0

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  • Hyena and Firewall Checkpoint 4.0

    Which settings have to be set on a Firewall Checkpoint 4.0 in order to handle with Hyena NT-Servers in the DMZ?Any proposals??
    Thank you! Jochen!

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    Re: Hyena and Firewall Checkpoint 4.0

    We're not sure what the Checkpoint will specifically require, but here is the list of ports that we normally give out whenever someone is needing help getting Hyena to work through a firewall.

    This came from a Microsoft Knowledge Base article, and we aren't sure which of these is needed, but hopefully it will give you a starting point.

    PORT 135 (TCP or UDP) for Remote Procedure Call(RPC)Service
    PORT 137 (UDP) for NetBIOS Name Service
    PORT 138 (UDP) for NetBIOS datagram (Browsing)
    PORT 139 (TCP) for NetBIOS session (NET USE)
    ALL PORTS above 1024 for RPC Communication