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Hyena Setting SeServiceLogonRight

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  • Hyena Setting SeServiceLogonRight

    Hyena sets the right SeServiceLogonRight automatically when closing the service settings dialog box even when the user already has the right via a group membership.

    It would be better to check for that to avoid double entries when deleting rights


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    Re: Hyena Setting SeServiceLogonRight

    I created a group and a user, added that user to the group, and then gave the group the SeServiceLogonRight.

    I then went into Control Panel and added that user to the startup for a particluar service, and NT granted the user account the Log on as a Service right.

    Hyena works the same way to maintain compatibility with the built-in utilities.

    Our thinking is it is done this way because you will always have a user account specified as the startup, and if the right was only given to it by the fact of group membership, and if the user was accidentally removed from the group, then the service wouldn't start.

    Other rights may work fine by granting them to a group instead of a user, but this one seems like it should be granted to the user and not to a group.