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Scripting Hyena to close open files

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  • Scripting Hyena to close open files

    I use Hyena to disconnect users from an Oracle application prior to maintenance on the server. Is there a way to script this so all users will be disconnected from a specified share as part of a batch file so it could take place outside of business hours?

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    Re: Scripting Hyena to close open files

    Unfortunately, Hyena can't help you here, as its a GUI-based tool. I saw a technique once that was used for close all files for backup purposes. This technique was listed as a tip on the site...I just can't remember the general technique. This site does have a search feature.

    One idea (this might be the technique) is to either delete the share, or from my experience, changing the share path or name might also do the trick. RmtShare.exe from the Resource Kit could do this. In other words, you take the share offline, which kills the connections, then perform your operation, then put the share back "online". I don't know of any tool that could kill all connections to a single open file. One could be created fairly easily though, so let me ([email protected]) know if you don't find a way to do this. Also, let me know if this is just one file or an entire directory.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Scripting Hyena to close open files documents a freeware tool that can manage open files. Very cool.