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see all computers scheduled jobs?

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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: see all computers scheduled jobs?

    We hope to be able to fix this for a future release of Hyena.

    We have some testing and such to determine a solution that will allow for us to access the new task scheduler information, but also maintain backward compatibility with the existing scheduler.

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  • jam
    started a topic see all computers scheduled jobs?

    see all computers scheduled jobs?

    When I look at different computers
    scheduled jobs, I only see them in
    some computers!
    I figured out that I can see them who
    have the "Schedule" service (atsvc.exe)
    but not these who have the newer
    "Task Schedule" service (mstask.exe).
    WHY? Doesn't Hyena support mstask ?
    I think that the Resource Kits "winat"
    have the same problem.
    Mstask is installed/exchanged with IE5,
    probably with the "Offline Browser Pack" (?!)
    A good thing with mstask is that you can
    choose which account who shall run the job.