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    Is there an easy way to get information about a share which exists on multiple servers, but not all servers in the domain? Specifically I am trying to find out on which drive the share exists on 130 or so servers. Most of the servers have 2 to 4 drives. I need to get the servername, sharename, and sharepath. Any help would be appreciated.

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    This is a bit tricky to do, because NT/2000 don't have a central repository for shares that can be queried. I would try to use the rmtshare utility from the Resource Kit, and write a large batch file that queries each of the 100+ servers for this share, and redirect the output to a file. Hyena's Tools->Generate Macro command can be used to help write this batch file for the computer, as long as you can display them all in the right window. Then, select the ones to query, select Tools->Generate Macro and type in the command to use for RmtShare, substituting %C1% for the computername (%C1% = column 1 = the computer) in the command.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.