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  • Printer Management

    I am using Hyena v2.5.2 when I select Printers in the list window and right click
    the options are "greyed out". This occurs on Domain Controllers AND Member Servers.
    I am member of Administrators on Domain and on the Member Server involved so I dont think User Rights are the issue. Has anyone seen this before ?

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    Re: Printer Management

    This problem can be fixed, but unfortunately, its not easy. The printer properties, etc. functions for printers utilize Windows NT/2000's common printer interface, which Microsoft has bound to Windows Explorer. Technically, there is a revised version of the Windows 'shell' that contains the dialogs that we use for this, but the only way to get this new shell is under IE 4.0. Yes, I know this sounds strange.

    I get the updated shell, you have to uninstall IE 5.0, and maybe IE 4.0. Then, install IE 4.0, and select to install the "Desktop Update" when asked. You do not have to enable the web-based desktop, just install the "Desktop Update", or "Shell Update" when asked. Then, you can reinstall IE 5.0, and these options won't be greyed out.

    Sorry about the difficulty of getting this to work. There is probably a way of just getting some updated .DLLs, but this is not documented, and we could not legally redistribute them anyway.

    FWIW, this is an example of why IE should not be integrated into the operating system...

    Thanks for posting your problem !
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Printer Management

      Given that the IE4/IE5 solution is a bit complicated. Does anyone know if there is a tool similar to CACLS that allows printer permissions to be modified ?


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        Re: Printer Management

        Yes, this is very difficult (why do we like computers? Why do we work in this field? I keep forgetting...). However, you can create a browser package that contains the Desktop Update using the IEAK. (There's probably a way to just install the Desktop Update, but I don't know how). Creating a custom IE version is pretty straightforward, and will prevent the uninstall/reinstall problem.


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          Re: Printer Management


          I wanted to share some information I know about something stated above.

          You can install 'Active Desktop' without installing IE4.0. In other words you can install Active Desktop just by installing Internet Explorer 5.5sp1

          The trick is to run ie5setup.exe, do nothing, and modify in the %temp%\ixp000.tmp directory the text file 'iesetup.cif'
          Search for UIVISIBLE and replace all 0 with 1

          Save the file and continue the IE setup.
          You now can select the Active Desktop update.

          (You have to download this, even if you downloaded all of IE5.5sp1 (>for this example)

          Good Luck !

          Arian van der Pijl