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Exchange fields for mail "forwarded to"

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  • Exchange fields for mail "forwarded to"

    I am trying to query the list of users that have their mail being forwarded to another individual. I looked at the attributes of the users fields but its not there. Is there such a field that I can query and view online as a column? Or do I have to create an attribute field to view this? This would be handy if I could see the list to review them at the end of a month cycle for those users who have left the company and a forwarded was setup. Please point me to the right direction.

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    I believe what you need is to add altRecipient to your user query. It isn't listed as a default attribute, so choose the Other (Specify Attribute) category and enter it there.


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      That worked! Is there a list of these that I need to review somewhere? or are these attributes of exchange that I should query for?


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        You can search online for the attributes, but Hyena has a great feature too: right-click on a user that has the data set already and choose Query Directory Attributes -> View All Directory Attributes. From there you can see all the AD attributes set for that user.