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  • Can Hyena do this?

    I'm looking at restructuring our Exchange. We'll end up with many account domains and one Exchange domain. This mean that in the Exchange domain each mailbox will have a disabled user account and the account will be associated with the relevant account in one of the account domains.

    This can be done manually in the Exchange domain by right clicking the disabled account and Exchange Tasks, and Associate External Account. However I will have to do this on 1000 accounts.

    The AD value modified on the exchange domain will be "msEXchMasterAccountSID" which will be obtained from the user accounts in teh account domains.

    Would Hyena be able to obtain this value from the account domains, and then be able to modify the value in the Exchange domain?

    Windows and Exchange 2003 is what we're running.

    Thanks - Daniel

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    Re: Can Hyena do this?

    You can view the information by adding the msEXchMasterAccountSID field to any of the user queries. You won't be able to modify that data with Hyena, though.


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      Re: Can Hyena do this?


      Thanks a lot for the quick reply, much appreciated.