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    Hi again,

    we've been using Query Based groups a bit lately and find they are not coming up in general searches in both Hyena and U&C. Only if you do a Custom Query in the find dialog and look for the presence of a field do they show up (or manually go to the OU you know where they are).

    This could be an MS limitation of course, but wondered if you guys had seen an easy way to find these groups? (or of course if we're missing something daft).


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    Re: Query Based Groups

    sorry should say they are an Exchange 2003 feature used for distribution lists. Hence why I put them in this forum



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      Re: Query Based Groups

      Support was added some time back for query-based groups in Hyena. But I'm not sure where you want them to appear. They will appear in the list of objects for any container or OU, but you appear to already have that part covered.

      I guess where would you want them or expect them to be ? They should be in the Universal Groups list now. They will NOT appear in the All Groups list, as there seems to be a severe performance penalty for querying AD for them, so we removed that option awhile back, but still are supposed to show them under Universal Groups, since they are very similar.

      I think you can also build a custom query to list them by right clicking on an OU and running your custom query.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.