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    How do I use Hyena to modify Exchange attributes?

    Specifically, Send Limit/Receive Limit for a
    group of users that were retrieved from a query.

    I'm thinking like this:

    (Forgive my poor pseudocoding!)

    Select * From Users
    where Send_Limit=2048
    Set Send_Limit=<Blank>
    Set Use_Default=<True>

    How do I do this?

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    Re: Modify Exchange Attributes

    This is a bit tricky, but can probably be done because all Exchange information is stored in Active Directory. First, take a test user account and set the Exchange value limits to something that you can easily recognize, like 123 or 456, for example. Then, right click on this user, select Query ACtive Directory->View All Directory Attributes. Note the names of the attributes that you want to change, for example, mdboverquotalimit, etc.

    Next, you need to modify one of your queries or create a new query to include these attributes. Select File->Manage Object View, select Ad Queries, and either create a new All Users or OU Contents query to include these fields. There is a category for the Exchange-related attributes that should include these.

    Run the query, and sort accordingly on the columns, then select TWO users from the list. Right click, select Manage Directory Attributes and add the two attributes that you want to change to the attribute list and update the attributes to what you want. Save that and verify that the two users have the values you expect. Then, you can do the remaining users (all of them).

    This sounds complicated, but should only take about 5 minutes to do.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Modify Exchange Attributes

      Obviously, I am failing at the obvious. I was able to run the query one time.

      Ok, Now I figured it out.

      1) Select "All Users" within Hyena on the Left Pane
      2) Right-Click > Query Active Directory
      3) Select/Customize Query
      4) Click New
      5) Add the columns you want to the left hand side. I chose 3 or 4 columns that contained the data I wanted to modify.
      6) Click OK. This saves the query and runs it as well.
      7) Find the users you want to modify
      8) Select the users you want to modify
      9) right-click, choose Manage Directory Attributes
      10) Select the radio button for show all attributes defined in this Active Directory query
      11) Click OK.
      12) In the resultant window, you will see all of the values that you selected.
      13) In this window, select the value that you want to change, and choose "Modify"
      14) Now, type in the option that you want. For your convenience, "Clear (remove) is an available option.
      15) Click OK when done.
      16) Check that the change went through, using another tool such as your MMC snap-in for active directory.