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  • Files required for Exchange Admin

    We are running Hyena 6.7. XP(SP2). Exchange 2003.

    What files or installs are required to allow Exchange Admin on this config ?

    All the other machines we use were configured before we upgraded to Exchange 2005. However, new machines arent working as well as these others. Someone did give us an idea of what was required:

    1. IIS Snap In (from XP CD)
    2. XP Hotfix
    3. W2003 Support tools
    4. Exchange 2003 Management tools.

    However, we are struggling with point 1 and cant seem to resolve. I wondered if there was a simpler way of doing this...?

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    Re: Files required for Exchange Admin

    The only thing that you should need is the Microsoft AD management tools (adminpak.msi) and the Exchange management tools for whatever version of Exchange you are managing. Some of the other elements might be needed prior to installing the Exchange management tools (the installer should tell you).

    You should then be able to run as a test, ADU&C, and see the Exchange tabs and tasks, then see the same in Hyena.

    This only applies to versions of Exchange prior to Exchange 2007.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.