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Exchange Extension Error message

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  • Exchange Extension Error message

    Since I have installed the MS Exchange 2003 SP2 snap-in for ActiveDirectory-Comp&Users, Hyena (v6.7) displays the following error message when I try to display the properties of any Global/DL Group
    *Microsoft Active Directory-Exchange Extension
    *The operation failed.
    *ID no:80004005
    When I click on OK the properties display normally.
    In Hyena Exch200x integration is enabled, Exch5.5 integration is disabled.
    Any idea what could have gone wrong?

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    Re: Exchange Extension Error message

    We've seen something similar a few times in the past related to the object path. What steps exactly are you taking to get to your groups to view the properties? Are you using your main domain object, or do you have something else configured?


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      Re: Exchange Extension Error message

      Thank you for the hint.
      Our domain administrators have changed a detail in the LDAP access path to our OU.
      Instead of LDAP://DomainName/ou=... it reads now LDAP://DomainControllerName/ou=...
      Don't know why this was changed but the error message disappeared after correcting the path.