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Exchange 2003 Templates?

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  • Exchange 2003 Templates?

    We just migrated to Exchange 2003 and I'm used to 5.5 way of creating new users. With 2K3 I can see some Storage groups that I've setup for storage limits on my Exchange server in the "Templates" section , but other than that how do I set the repatative Exchange attributes such as Company, Location, phone, country, ...ect for my new users? I'm kinda lost.

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Templates?

    Unfortunately there's no way to set those to copy or automatically populate with Exchange 2000/2003.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 Templates?

      This falls in line with the schema changes made to those attributes using adsiedit. There is a post in these forums talking about that.
      You basicaly want that information to copy over when copying a template right? Each attribute has a setting that will allow it to be copied value.

      I believe Hyena doesn't look at those attributes? Correct me if I am wrong Kevin. There for you would have to use DSA.msc.


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        Re: Exchange 2003 Templates?

        Hyena does not look at those settings, as they are basically for Microsoft's utilities (MMC snapins). Hyena can copy a user using the ADU&C wizard, which I believe, will faithfully copy these attributes when you copy a user if you have them setup to be copied. This mechanism would be the same as you get when you copy something using ADU&C; its not implemented by Hyena.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.